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“Darling, I haven’t either”, I said, taking his hand and squeezing some jelly over his finger . Kneeling between his legs I took hold of his cock again and rubbed it up and down whilst my other hands very gently cupped and caressed his balls, It felt absolutely electric and I reached underneath me with one hand and started rubbing my clitoris as Simon’s finger slid in and out of my anus and, to my absolute delight, Simon positioned himself so he could slide his cock into my soaking hot vagina

Eating Teen Punished for Partying by Dad – Kenzie Reeves

Making suction sounds and moaning in her cute voice, She stared into my eyes . I removed my hand from her neck and sliped it under her bra

Teen Punished for Partying by Dad - Kenzie Reeves

Suckingdick Teen Punished for Partying by Dad – Kenzie Reeves Romance

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Holly withdrew and Mags scrambled quickly onto all fours in front of her not wanting Holly’s cock to be out of her pussy for more than a second longer than it needed to be

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I remember trying to fall asleep and hearing the clinking of bottles and the smell of pot seeping underneath my door as I tried to sleep before school the next day, I lifted up my shirt and she smacked my flat stomach and mentioned how fit I was, I remember feeling at ease once I got in the car and excited to hang out with Cindy,

We all sat down again and we’re supping our drinks, and every so often a small breeze would blow through and show that both girls had removed their bras, I would normally be a little upset that someone close was eyeing up my missus but since I had been all over his last night and she has stroked my cock it seemed a little hypocritical to say the least, No one else seemed to mind and I would say Mark seemed very happy with this as he shifted position when stocking and garter belt made an appearance

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Then by her quickly stiffening nipples he is sure of it, “Please let me feel you inside me!” she begs

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