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She felt like she was going to drown in his cum . Hell, she barely had to swallow because the cum nearly went directly into her stomach, She felt completely satisfied and proud of her accomplishment

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” , She instinctively swallowed and not wanting to miss a drop, the first black cum she had ever tasted and she began to cum just by this alone . Another took his place and she was sucking a new cock wanting his cum

Teen delinquent bound and anal fucked

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I stumbled back, blood welling out of my side from Mary’s sword stroke

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876 g, which while higher than human standard at 1g, was completely safe for her to spend time in,

Aria was almost completely insensate as a tall bipedal alien chittered it's way towards her, it's words, although spoken in a language understandable by her, required more focus than she could spare to be interpreted,

Walking along, Aria felt the heat slowly increase, checking her display, she saw that it held at a cool 292 degrees Kelvin, and it had since she left the shuttle, Quickly a detailed map of the nearby corridors appeared on a HUD integrated into Aria’s vision, it might take days for the drones to scan something so large, but when it was over she should have an accurate map of every nook and cranny, leaving no potential loot anywhere to hide!

Aria’s computer sent a soft ping to her, the atmosphere of the station had been thoroughly studied, and found to not only be breathable, but also completely free of toxins, in other words; safe

He kissed me on the lips and thanked me for the sex, ”

When she was done washing my pussy she started shaking me, She gave me a rather nice orgasm

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But a good kind of pain, The action drug on for seconds, and his attacker's attention was completely focused on the strings of cum coming from his cream-pied fuckhole

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