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I was flying to Denver for a temporary assignment . I always came when he fucked me, My legs in the air

Scene Tanned brunette teen gets fucked outdoors

It was good day to be outside, Linda still clipped coupons to use at the market and Mike still pulled weeds and mowed the lawn himself . Alexia told her mother she had a very good orgasm and thanked her mother for it

Tanned brunette teen gets fucked outdoors

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Then Bethany got at her head and started giving her upside down kisses, Show more. I watched as my sister gently guided Daphne to the floor

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Anyway this is a story about when me and Tim went out for the evening, Robyn stayed in to catch up on all her favourite soaps, as Tim lived out of town he would be staying in our spare bed which was a normal occurrence, so we said our good byes to Robyn and headed out the door jumped in a cab and went to the nearest boozer, we had a really good night knocking back the pints recommencing about old times, we went back along way both being the same age we had met at school and been really close ever since, Tim was a single guy and always did well with the ladies and tried chatting a few up at the bar, no success this time, he come back to the table with two more drinks, and started to tell me how lucky I was, that I didn’t have to go out and try to get girls to sleep with me as I had a beautiful woman waiting for me at home, and I really couldn’t disagree with him, he told me he just wants to find a good girl and settle down and stop with all this player stuff, being a mate I told him what he wanted to hear, that he'll find some one soon im sure of it,

About an hour later I woke up with a start, and to this day I don’t know if I was dreaming or if it was my instinct's, but when I woke Robyn was no longer next to me, I assumed she was just in the toilet so I just layed there and waited for her to return hoping I would get lucky, after 5 minutes she stihadn’t’t’tt returned and I started to get curious as to where she could be so I got out of bed and not bothering to dress walked out of the bedroom door in to the hall way the bathroom lwasn’tn’tn’tt on so I started to make my way down the hall, and very clearly I could her moaning as I crept further down the hall it became clearer, my heart started to pump in fact I thought it was going to explode as it was racing so fast, the moaning was Robyn I was so sure of it and the closer I got to the spare room the louder it got, as I approached the door I was frozen in shcouldn’tdn’tdn’tt move it felt like my heart had stopped, the door was open and I could make out a shadowy figure on the bed as my eyes adjusted to the dark and the lights from the street streamed in through the window, there was my perfect girl friend riding my best mates cock like her life depended on it, I could see the foot of the bed and Robyn was riding him reverse cow girl so she was facing the door, she had her eyes shut and her hand between her legs rubbing her clit and his balls as she was bouncing up and down on his cock,couldn’t belive what I was seeing, i couldn’t breathe, and then it happened the moment that forever changed my life she opened her eyes and saw me standing there, instead of being surprise she smiled and continued to ride his cock I wanted to say something but couldnt, and she pointed at me, at my cock I looked down and it was rock hard,Tim was really starting to moan he was close to cumming she said thats it baby fill my pussy with your cum give it to me, all the while smiling at me stood there with a raging hard on I couldn't move, just couldn't comprehend what was happening, I turned and left the door way and went back to my bedroom and I just layed on the bed, still trying to get to grips with what I just saw, Robyn then walked in through the bedroom door closing it behind her she got on to the bed next to me and asked if id enjoyed that while grabbing hold of my still throbbing cock, what the fuck I turned and said to Robyn you just cheated on me with my best mate, she retorted that it was only sex and by the look of it I enjoyed it just as much as her, I asked her why and how she could do this to me, she told me she loved my and would always be mine but she needed more than just my cock, she then leaned over and kissed me on the lips, I couldn’t believe this but I kissed her back our tongues were darting in and out of each others mouths, she pulled away and asked if I could taste Tims cock, I looked at her stunned as she kissed me again telling me to taste it, she grabbed the back of my head and rolled backwards pulling me on top of her, go down on me she demanded , I told her no not after another man’s cum in you, she looked at me sternly and told me it wouldn’t be the first time you've eaten another man’s cum from my pussy, as she grabbed my hair and pulled my head down to her swollen pussy the stench of cum filled nostrilsls as my tongue slid across her clit, she told me to clean her out, to get all Tims cum out of her pussy, I was just so over come at this point I did as I was told, lapping at her pussy sucking the seamen out of her ,

I had a very quick shave and shower while Donna rode to Hardee’s for a bag of breakfast biscuits, Never apply pressure to the back of the knee, as it has connecting ligaments and tendons there,

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you know that already, that is, if she weren’t dead already! She tried thinking of Mikey, but it didn’t work

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