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Seven years of heaven followed . I then lead his hand over to my cock; which he rubbed so tenderly and motherly, It wasn't the typical 'rolled-eyes' look he gives me when I feast on his crack from time to time

Gay Bus (Stoya, Mr Marcus) – Pale teen wants BBC – Digital Playground

“Join a pervert club and do it for free then,” he suggested,

“All the cock you can handle and get paid for it?” he suggested .

“Sure,” she agreed

(Stoya, Mr Marcus) - Pale teen wants BBC - Digital Playground

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Then they were off to Azkaban, then who knows where but Harry was determined to track Voldemort and Snape down to kill them, Go to home. The train for Hogwarts was leaving the next day and then Harry, Ron and Hermione would be heading for Godrics Hallow

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I had picked my Daughter's bedroom for the evening entertainment for two reasons first i hoped she would feel more secure in her
own room secondly i would get an extra buzz out of doing her while surrounded by her childish things,
“Ok darling get undressed lay on the bed & lets will see if this cock of mine can fit up your cunt”,
Debbie hurriedly removed the few items of clothing she had on & jumped onto her bed,
“Wow you are keen”,
“Sure Daddy why not the girls in the films we watched looked like they were enjoying themselves “,
“Ok lets get you ready lay down & open your lets wide for Daddy sweetie”,
Debbie lay down & shamelessly held her cunt open for my inspection wasting no time i dived in face first taking in her puffy cunt mound
into my mouth ,
Her hands fell limp at her sides as my tongue rasped along the entire length of her cunt splaying what tiny lips she has wide apart,
Each upward lick caught her clitoris making Debbie roll her hips up against my invading tongue,
She was now highly sexually charged so i replaced my tongue with my cock sliding it along her cunt making sure the knob kept up the
stimulation on her clit,
Her cunt felt slick warm & wet as i massaged my hard length on her wet opening,
Down up once more down & in pushed my cock tip till the knob disappeared up my Daughters cunt,
It closed tightly holding me trapped inside , applying more pressure let another inch slip inside,
“Daddy Daddy wow look your inside me Daddy”,
“No Darling Daddy's only part way in we've still got to break though your hymen yet”,
“Ready now remember what i told you this may hurt for a bit “,
With mine & Debbie's eyes focused on each other i pulled back then thrust forward ,
Debbie let go a little scream as i ripped open her virgin cunt breaking her hymen & entering her properly,
I held still & wiped the tears from her face ,
“Well done you clever girl now Daddy's really inside you sweetie”,
Still only half my cock was inside & i was'nt sure how much more her little underdeveloped cunt would accommodate,
Her young cunt walls were very strong squeezing against my shaft, it felt like i had a very tight warm wet silk glove encasing my cock,
I eased back out a little about an inch then pushed forward slowly ,
She gave a soft wimper but did not ask me to stop ,
My little girl would still be quite sore so i continued with gentle short strokes,
After only a few minutes of this Debbie started to relax & a smile returned to her face,
Seeing she was ready i pulled fully out slamming back in , this time she let out another wimping sound only this was one of pleasure ,
As rode my Daughter's perfect cunt she started to juice up which helped ease my way but it was still incredbly tight inside her ,
I was still using only half my length afraid of hurting or doing her a permanent injury,
But i worried deedlessly because soon my baby girl was pushing back against me,
“You ready for a bit more cock darling”,
“I'am not sure Daddy try just a little bit more”,
Once more i pulled out & plunged forward only this time kept on pushing past the half way point ,
looking down i could see her cunt mound bulge & fill out as more of my cock entered her delightful cunt,
Near two thirds in i felt an obstruction on my knob, was that it was i up the full length of her vaginal passage,
pulling back & thrusting up my knob hit the obstruction again ,
I must have been pushing on her cervix opening,
She looked so small & tiny impaled on my rod well she was still young,
We settled into a steady rhythm me banging on her cervix with each upwards thrust , Debbie was now really enjoying herself
as much as me & soon had her first orgasm,
Her cunt walls went into involuntary convulsions milking my cocks till i shot my cum way deep inside my baby girls cunt, ,

I lowered my mouth over his growing cock and ran my tongue around his round smooth cock head pausing to drive the tip of my tongue deep into his cum hole, I came again on his thick black cock, shuddering and moaning as he continued to slam his manhood into my very center, Kevin remarked that it had been a damm long week being around me, yet not being able to throw my sweet ass down and fuck me

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