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Bareback Stepdad got laid off its time to comfort him somehow

– o and one last little thing we are two months pregrant

starting from yesterday me and harvey got out of bed about 8ish and had some breakfast i said to harvey “babe i miss writting are story” harvey walked over to me and gave me a hug and said “why dont you start rewritting it babe screw what the jerks on there say” i laughted at harvey but he said he was serious and i thought to my self why shouldnt i carry on doing something i enjoy just because a few people cant get over my spelling misstakes and they dont believe in my life

so anyway later on that day i got into my car and drove over to my moms when i got there she answer the door to me and told me to come in when i got inside my mom handed me a box so i opened it and it was some baby botties they was so cute but me and harvey dont know what sex baby we are having so me and my mom had some lunch and we chatted for such a long time that i ended up staying for dinner aswell so when i got home to harvey it was really late and strangly i was in a very annoying mood so i got into my apartment and harvey hate when you keep your shoes on so i walked over to him and laid on top of him harvey gave me a kiss and said “babe you have your shoes on” i said “i know right” and started laughing harvey looked at me and said “your in your stupid mood arnt you?” so i carried on laughing at harvey and he walked away from me as he was walking away from me i walked with him and started singing “theses boots are made for walking and thats just what they do and one of these day these boot are gonna walk all over you” harvey turned and faced me and said “you already do walk all over me” i winked at harvey and grabbed his dick and said “but i do make sure you get your fair share of walking” harvey smiled at me and said “babe that isnt fair making me all hot when you know i gotta go out” so i tugged his dick a few times and harvey got hard then i just walked away harvey followed me into are bedroom

and said “come on babe you cant leave me like this” so i walked over to harvey got on my knees and lowered him pants and his boxers and licked his dick once and got back up and said “wait until later babe and see if your luck is in” so harvey went out and i had a shower and i jacked off and got changed then my cell rang and it was are carryer so i answered it and said “hello it leon are you okay” “yeah im fine its just i want some ice cream and im lonely” i was trying not to laught and said “arnt you a little early for the needy stage” so i got out of my chair and got my keys and drove to a local store near her house and brought her some ice cream and spent a few hours with her and drove home when i got home harvey was there and asked “where have you been” “ive been t see are unborn baby”

harvey looked at me and said “sure” and walked into are bedroom so i followed him and said “what do you mean sure, hey everyone me and harvey are thinking about coming back to write are story because we both love all you guys and miss you all

so time for an update
-me and harvey are still together and still married
-my brother is back in jail for drug useage
-blake hasnt talk to me since we was accused of being fake
-we are still in L .

Stepdad got laid off its time to comfort him somehow

Zorra Stepdad got laid off its time to comfort him somehow Highschool

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