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Your tongue is working the tip and shaft as I stay motionless . A couple deeper thrusts and it's upon me, I hold for a second then pull out completely my hard cock standing straight out from by body

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“They are as good as I imagined Tiff, I bet your husband loves to play with them,

There a knock on Tiffs door in the office “come in” says Tiff

“Hello Tiffany, thank you for doing that work for me so quickly .

To be Continued

Step Mom Bridgette B gets pounded hard

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But Tentacruel deserves some reward first, Read more.

Andy was sitting up next to me

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Nicky arrived accompanied by a beautiful woman, After a few trusts she called out for Nicky and with my dick still in her arse she started sucking his dick, She promised me she would never do something like this on her own and I believed her, Nicky was first to blow her load all over Jacqui’s face, I was next shooting inside my wife’s arse

He said, “good” then went right into his next idea, He exhaled hot breath all the way down my arm, His fingers traced down the backs of my up stretched arms and down my chest until his hands found my breasts again and he squeezed hard

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He turned me onto my belly and mounted me from the back, Soon Glen was hammering his cock in and out of my ass

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