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I do not think she saw him in the corner at first but I stopped her and was looking for a pen to sign the check when I saw her eyes pop open as she saw him there . He knocked once and I sent him another message strip and knock twice when you are completely naked, I had him come over to the couch and eat my pussy right there it was sopping wet from all the planning and now that I had decided to fully embrace this Dominatrix lifestyle for my sweet husband


“Well I can only apologise,” Daddy said, “I thought a degree and a US passport and thirty thousand pounds for fifteen moths training was a reasonable deal, but what do I know of the Middle Eastern mind?”

“And what do I have to do, have sex with men?” she asked,

“I should think so too, them things you got up to in Yorkshire,” she said .

“Yes Major General” I giggled


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“What? Wait!” Jackie yelped, then stopped as the girls flooded her mind with more erotic thoughts than she’d had for several years, Go to home.

“Yeah! You know,” exclaimed the girl, “one of those long wooden things you put meat on for, uh, grilling? Tia thought that was ‘ooh, sooo funny’!”

“She stuck a skewer up your ass?”

“No! She stuck it…” Murielle fumed, not knowing how to explain, then stuck her finger into her thick, meaty rump on her right side

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Her cherry red lips parted to a black beak, its maw opening wide in triumph,

Then she felt it’s hard spear tip thrust up her winking hole again, her pussy belching loudly when it split her plump folds wide open with its size,

Her fertile womb was quickly made host to a swarm of tiny identical versions of the monster that impregnated her, wriggling against the thinly spread walls containing them,

His white hot eruption was shockingly sudden, the arachnid showed no signs of pleasure or quickening of pace, just a mechanical undulation of its organ inside her body

We all hated him but couldn't do much to change the situation, All seemed to be going well for the first 20 minutes, That was not to be the case

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, As soon as she said ” asshole,” the head of my cock pushed against her anus

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