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I got out the shower put on just a bra and left the rest naked me pussy still exsposed and went into his room . I had the jack daniels bottle on the side half drunk but rely I poord most of it down the sink, I felt his finger slide in

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“Oh they are nice and hard and big for such little tits, ”
They all laugh and Beth questioningly says “so John knew you were doing that and did not stop you? I wonder about him sometimes”
“ya and he said someone else saw us but did not say who”
“Oh that is great; I am surprised it has not made it around the laundry room yet”
Beth notice Cindy looking up her skirt and she shifted then spread her legs so Cindy could see better and Gail notice the movement . I could not help but hear what you two were talking about and I know what you do for a living

Savannah Foxx & Moe Johnson

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The final part is coming up soon, Continue part 2. Now that hole will never be filled, you will never be satisfied, you will never feel truly happy again

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It was kind of strange because we were not even talking about sex, we were talking about everyday stuff in kids lives, I do not know about the others but I can not get the thought of us naked on that Queen Bed tonight,

We crawled through the tunnel into the open spot, there we were, Now what? Kim was right in front of me as I came out of the tunnel, I stood up and put my arms around her lightly putting my hands on her tits, and kissing her on the neck, she giggled and said save that for tonight, Julie told me what to expect,

Im gonna take you back to when my obsession started, , I waited for a few moments and then just gave up

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“I told you, Drop 'em

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