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S Cute Official – Japanese b. Girl,関西援交 Japanese 9 full – (5 min) 720p HD


That's the reason I became Crossblade All Internal – [Reality]. She bobbed her head even more while George grunted above her
S Cute Official - Japanese b. Girl,関西援交 Japanese 9 full - (5 min) 1

S Cute Official – Japanese b. Girl,関西援交 Japanese 9 full – (5 min)

the beautiful woman turned around giving me full view of her gorgeous nude body hello my name is Ashley Barbie she said…she stood maby 5’10’’ long black hair deep blue eyes she had a amazing chest 34dd obviously implants because they were to perky for her age, Ashley is new in town and her son just joined the team and is wondering if he can earn a spot to? I already knew were this was going…all I could do was look up and say thank you Jesus in my mind absolutely I said…Ashley walked over and gave me a tight hug oh you are to sweet she said I could feel my cock growing in my pants…well there looks like its time to start a pre season practice don’t u think Jane Ashley said…oh absolutely Jane relied both women walked over and began undressing me as soon as all my clothes were off both women lead me upstairs to Janes room Ashley put her hand over my shoulders from behind and began rubbing my body slowly running her hands down my chest to my stomach ,,all the wile kissing me on the neck and shoulder whispering fitly words into my ears about all the dirty thing that they were ganna do to me

I walked Barbie over to the bed laid her down gently and dropped to my knees and started kissing the insides of her beautiful thiegsslowly working my way to her hot cunt I licked slowly around her pussy lips making her slightly moan I looked up for a minute and noticed it was Jane that was moaning she was sitting on Barbie’s face and she had a nice mouthful of Janes pussy all I could hear as I was eating out Barbie’s hot pussy was these loud hot slurping sounds coming from Jane’s pussy I could tell both women were close to climax…as I started licking and sucking Barbie’s clit faster and faster she let out a cry as she came in my mouth and Jane shortly followed…I quickly smoked a joint wile the women recovered…Barbie looked up and called me over with her index finger I walked over and she told me to lay down on the bed…

Jesse baby this is something you will never forget I guarantee it she took my cock deep in her mouth and began sucking me off slowly working my head with her tongue and big red lips teasing the very tip of my throbbing cock then she went down all of a sudden and began to deep throat me I could feel my balls hitting her chin every time she came down and up…I opened my eyes to find Jane behind Barbie with a what looked like a drill and a dildo strapped to it…Barbie leaned forward and Jane slowly inched the tool in and spun it slowly at first she muffled on my cock as Jane worked it in and out she then began doing it faster and harder and before we knew it Jane had it revved up at full power and was slamming it in and out of Barbie’s tight hot pussy after I shot my load down her throat she let Jane lick my cock Clean

Well Jesse Barbie said here is the unforgettable part…I have never ever been fucked in the ass and I want you to pop my cherry …she got up and straddled my cock looking deep in my eyes he grabbed my cock and slipped it into her ass…it was much tighter then I thought it would be she made a painful face…I guess she could read minds cause she said she did wanna keep going and said the pains almost gone after 5 mins or so she was bouncing up and down like a lil school girl OH GOD FUCK ME YOU SON OF A BITCH FUCK MY VIRGIN ASS YOU BASTERED she screamed…she leaned foreword and dug her nails deep into my chest and drug em back as she leaned back throwing her head back screaming again OH BABY FUCK ME FUCK ME BABY OH GOD YES IT FEELS SO GOOD OHHHH YES I leaned forward and took her left breast in my mouth and started sucking her nipple as best I could between the bouncing and her clawing me like a at there wasn’t much I could do aside from enjoy the ride…she screamed out one last

With that I rolled her over doggy style my cock in her ass and began fucking her as hard as I could with no mercy my balls bouncing off her swollen pussy lips I reached down and began fingering her clit and lean back into me as I pounded her ass with out remorse I grabbed a handful of her huge tits and began twisting and pulling at her nipples main em hard as little rocks she started kissing me on my neck as we fucked I turned and faced her and began deeply and passionate kissing her pushed her back down on all fours and began slapping her on her ass and she screamed for more I yelled I was ganna cum and she rolled over and began sucking my throbbing member and I exploded in her mouth shouting what seemed endless loads of cum…she walked over to Jane who was finger fucking herself to the while thing and opened her mouth showing a big glob of cum on her tongue Jane quickly made out with her snowballing the cum until each beautiful mom swallowed down the load they had in there mouth…they all jumped into bed with me….

S Cute Official - Japanese b. Girl,関西援交 Japanese 9 full - (5 min) 2

S Cute Official – Japanese b. Girl,関西援交 Japanese 9 full – (5 min)

Tom pulled out of Gail, moved up to Debbie’s head, and forced Debbie’s mouth over the head of his cunt soaked cock and began face fucking her, just as Tom had moments ago, Gail began to tug and pull on Debbie’s nipples, just as Jeff had done earlier

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Date: December 21, 2021