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She knew what is about to happen, but bowed her head submissively anyway . My shirt sleeves are pulled up, revealing a tattoo on my forearm that she has never noticed, I sat her on a stool and navigated my way around the bar, shedding the jacket, vest, and tie along the way

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Owning something fully, The gold hides the lashes and bruises made by my master, the tracks of tears that slide down my face . You have quite the battle ahead of you

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“Yea, I'm always on my back naked and got my legs apart or my ass in the air for them, where ever we are,” I groaned, Click here to continue.

“Bob showed us some photos your Chas sent to him, so we asked Bob to let us know if you ever decided to come

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  Only after both my legs had fallen asleep did I feel safe enough to leave,  
Brenda had a broad smile and a fervent look in her green eyes,   She rubbed and massaged for a moment, then shoved the dainty brunette onto one of the desks,   Her lips parted, loosing another cute giggle as she stepped closer to Coleen

I was about to have my 50th birthday and had absolutely no plans of any sort what so ever, It was Saturday and being alone that meant I had to buy groceries, wash my car and clean the house up a bit, She leaned back and opened her legs to show me the best sight I had seen in 8 long years

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, “You might have but this is unremovable only known to a royal few (she whispered in his ear) and a few royal hackers

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