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With Steven fucking me like he was, hitting my prostate with each thrust, and how turned on I was, it wasn’t going to take me long to reach orgasm . I love the taste of his sweet cum but this time it had a slight nutty flavor to it, I was almost transparent at some places

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As if on cue, I can feel Kelly’s body shift and pull myself back, kissing her as I see her face turning toward me, When he knows I’m ready, he pushes his hips forward . I move Paul’s willy to her puss and realize I’m putting my husband in another woman’s puss

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Wow was about the only words I could muster, and she brushed her teeth, as I cleaned myself up, It felt great! She then started to lick the end of my cock, tasting the pre cum, very gently licking down the shaft and then licking and sucking my balls

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I put two glasses of water on the desk, After several weeks of lurking and sending a few messages, one guy replied and we started emailing, Apparently, he was so turned on that he ignored me and fucked me even harder, After adding a little more lube he continued his efforts until he was almost all the way inside of me

By then, our neighbors very clearly could see that we were keeping right up with them, and I think they were liking it as much as we were, The movie was nearly over and when the lights came on, we all stood up and the guy in our row said to us “good movie, huh?” And my boyfriend said “very good!” I gave a little wave to the girl and we went our separate ways, Not to be outdone, I unzipped my boyfriend's pants and took his rock hard cock out and began stroking it as well

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I see her tongue coming out of her mouth, the slick long ‘S’ crawling toward the cock of my cousin, That is hot

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