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She tensed up and let out a scream as she came . She was smirking at me, After a moment, I realized it was the pungent smell of sweat and lust from the night before

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It had been a few days since Adams surprise visit in the shop, Stacey hadn't been back so he figured it was just a one time thing but not that  i'm complaining his dick seemed to say as it jumped to the thought of naked Stacey, ” she gushes into Adams mouth shaking and screaming as Adam laps up every drop out of her tight cunt .

He reaches an grabs both tits massaging them in his hands sucking each nipple caressing it with his tongue

Marsha May - Daddy Little Secret

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As I did, I couldn't help remember my dream from the night before, Click here to continue. I got up, putting on my robe over my panties and over sized shirt

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I had also noticed that she was hairless between her legs, which at the time struck me as strange since by her age she should have had hair there already, I inhaled sharply as it was a very tight fit but I’d loosened up enough to get it in me, I repeated what I saw on myself and while not intense, it felt good, She continued her movements up and down her lips, gradually moving more towards the center each time

“What???? Son of a bitch!” I was shocked and a bit pissed, Don't pretend like you don't, “It's because you're a fucking whore

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Jim loves sex as much as I do, but he doesn’t have my stamina, He also pointed out that the RV was too expensive to keep since his parents sold their home and he no longer had a place to park it without paying a high fee

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