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There were ways of doing that, as long as she had the nerve to go through with a performance on a bed in one of the rooms, and I wasn’t entirely sure if she would, or not . Seeing as she was still on her leash, I had to follow her, What does she do for you that no other girl could do?”
“She serves me well in the bedroom, like no one else I ever owned

Exposed Lilly Hall gives Cullen a super-sloppy BJ

She then screamed and climaxed as she felt my hot spunk all over her, I was becoming more comfortable with the situation so I finally spoke, “You know Brooke I've wanted to do this for the longest time . I didn’t finish the job and left the bathroom in a hurry and went into my room where I could think about what happened

Lilly Hall gives Cullen a super-sloppy BJ

Art Lilly Hall gives Cullen a super-sloppy BJ Orgia

She leaned in really close, to whisper in my ear, Go to home. She was a little chubby, but not so much as to detract from her natural beauty

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Chapter One

How It All Started

Have you ever been so deeply disturbed you couldn’t speak? It happened to me back in February of 1994, Each time, Ash would tell me about it, I was wrestling with the essence of infidelity,

Julie’s face was only a couple of inches in front of mine now and I could feel the heavy breathing of her heightened excitement on my lips, “This is for you too baby, I want you to feel hot and excited and crazy for me,

But I didn’t recognise my voice

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Jane wasn't saying anything more and she wasn't pulling away or stopping me, “Slow down!” she whispered in an exasperated tone

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