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No use in going overboard .

“Fucking bitch!!” He screamed, angry at his trust being betrayed yet again by her, He returned to her and rolled her over and tied her hands behind her back

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Danielle and Kelsie brought us all down onto the bed, with Danielle beneath me, her cock buried in my ass, and Kelsie on top, buried in my pussy,

Rochelle must have realized what I was doing, because she laughed again and said, “Don’t you worry about that, there’s PLENTY more where THAT came from . I had no idea where I was, and even stranger yet, I was completely naked

Gostosa sentando gostoso no consolo

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'Good, now get back out, people might start talking!' Kieron barked and with one last feel of her tight snatch she walked back out to the shop, Go to home.

Kieron picked up the G string and put it away safely in his trousers as a type of trophy, when they were both dressed Kieron thought of a new plan, he hadnt expected her to be this good so soon started explaining his ideas

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But I’m givin’ you fair warning; once I get worked up like that, I ain’t stoppin’,

“What up my nigga?” I said, “Just some fuck niggas tried me at the gym, Dead giveaway…

“And you sweatin’ like hell

Chapter 1- Next Door

Paul was getting a rimming from 55 year old Bev , she was the Coach's wife , she had been under mind control for 3 weeks now , Holly was Sheila's 19year old redhead daughter, athletic figure, 5 ft 5,Wendy was Bev's 19yr old raven haired daughter 5ft6 curvy figure & finally Cindy who was 20,her hair was dyed pink for the occasion she was the tallest at 5ft 9 & her mom Joyce belonged to Mark, Like now , no respectable woman in her 20s would lick his asshole , but Bev loved it , for her it was like eating steak

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I arrived back home an hour later and took my two bags of groceries into my house, I told her how much her groceries come to and watched her tiny ass sashay into another room where she kept her pocketbook

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