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She didn’t care if the whole world listened . She wanted his load, but she also wanted to explode,

It was even more than they expected

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She sucked on it, her teeth nipping, I groaned as her fingers parted my dark butt-cheeks .

“I love my big sister so much!” I screamed out to the night, bucking beneath her

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Managing to work an invite through one of his friends, she made it to the birthday party at his house, Go to home. With no need for stealth, she bounced loudly down the stairs

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I picked up the remote and turned on the camera placed in the entertainment center and started filming the events as they happened, The personal disgrace of fucking and sucking a dog and doing all the other things captured on video was enough for her to agree to my terms,

With a handful of her golden hair I forced my tongue into Christina’s mouth as my other hand slipped past her silky folds to touch her hooded wonder, Like a sleeping baby given a pacifier, she sucked my cock into her mouth and never stopped until I pulled it out of her mouth

“I would have rather stayed at my mothers , with my books” said Bella holding up her copy of the new testament, She jumped up causing Percy to stumble back and almost trip over the rug, she didn’t give time for Percy the time to respond she was out of her bedroom door and down the spiral staircase within minutes, Bella stood speechless , her feet glued to the floor

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To rob then murder her in the future, Amy disappeared into the blackness, leaving two very scared and half dressed young women sobbing and at the mercy of fate

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