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It was a Tuesday night and I was at Christina's house, we were watching tv in her room and I had fallen asleep . I laid there for a minute so she couold get used to the feeling of having my cock inside of her then she told me to fuck her, so slowly I built up a nice rythm and fucked her tight little hole she was loving every minute of it, she pulled of her shirt and exposed her breasts to me which I sucked on like a baby, she loved the feeling of having her nipples sucked on while I was pumping my piston in and out of her hot pussy,

Animation Chris Cardio Delivers Episode 2

I don’t want any nicks or bleeding, “Oh God, please . Handing her remote to Tiffany, she reached down, feeling my pecks

Chris Cardio Delivers Episode 2

Humiliation Chris Cardio Delivers Episode 2 Free Amature

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She’d made a few friends, and had become particularly close with Tyler’s ex,

Tyler’s ex was called Rebecca; she had wavy brown hair and blue-green eyes, ,
Her right hand twisted and pulled the surrendered nipple with evermore pressure and speed

Carol’s hand around her neck drove Dana to the edge, and she slammed her hips into her, bucking for attention of her own, Carol placed her lips over the satin fabric, savoring the scent of her salivating twat, and she pushed against her pussy, soaking the pale blue to dark wet, Dana kissed her back, confused to why she had left her without treatment, until Carol grabbed the lid of the machine and pushed it clear

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By the time I had open the shower and stepped in she had rubbed soap to a lather in her hands, I could feel Amy squirm as I tongued her clit

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