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We were having the time of our lives . Her nipples were dark red and full,

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“It's okay, I know her!” Chase replied . In fact she was flattered

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Sarah was sleeping and hadn’t heard mom calling so I shook her to wake her up, Show more. ”

“Oh Jimmy, I’m not ready to go yet

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Once he finished I stood up and looked down, Swing around, I planted my pussy on his waiting face and dove onto that chubby appendage, taking him all the way down my throat and holding him there as I caressed his balls, then starting to slowly mouth fuck him, In a very small voice, he said; “I really wanted to cum in your mouth, Kat, but I couldn’t wait” My answer was a smile, a kiss, and a simple statement,

He lifted up Lisa’s top and put his mouth to one of her nipples and began sucking on it hard in his lustful state, Lisa moaned and said yes and he repeated the same thing on her other nipple, Lisa gasped when she saw his hard slightly curved cock stand up tall it was thick as well as long, He reached for his wallet in his jeans and pulled out a studded condom and slipped it onto his hard cock

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She grabbed Tiny's cock and started to lick it and slurp the cum, Allison was in a very very very good mood

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