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“Accept my gift to you – a part of me to live inside you forever,” Alana intoned, then shoved the thickened blade into the wound she’d made in his stomach a moment earlier . It looked the same as hers,

Alana, weakened by the incredible sensations of being impregnated and the pooling of their combined blood in her womb, smiled wanely as Sibilius pulled her close once again and embraced her

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“You're back early, Since I was laying on my side, I had a clear view of the clock on the nightstand, and seen that he was home almost a full five hours before he was supposed to be . Slowly he fed his dick into me, swaying his hips back and forth while I swirled my tounge along his veiny shaft

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I was hoping we could go somewhere today, but i'm not sure where, Continue part 2. i'm gonna

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I grabbed her panties and pulled them down so I
could see it, then I slowly inserted my middle finger
into her pussy, I carried her to her bed, I quickly put my hard cock back into my
shorts, and shut the DVD player with my remote control, We would talk about what we did during the day,
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END, “Why would we? You weren't there when I was screaming

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