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I’m fucking with my full force, her ass starts to buckle wildly from under me as she rides her second orgasm . she loves being over whelmed, and i planed to remind her just how much,

I collapses on my lover once emptied, and after a moment of laying our heightened state of euphoric pleasure, we snuggled up and kissed under the blanket

Hard Fuck – Veronica Leal – Nerdy Blonde Fucks like a Pro

I continued to look around the gloomy campsite, I hadn't taken anything in my ass for some time, and I certainly didn't want to now . I could feel the cum dribbling out of it and down my pussy lips as the cock thrust back and forth - Veronica Leal - Nerdy Blonde Fucks like a Pro

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“No, no, that’s fine,” you told me, giving me the second genuine smile of the night, Continue part 2. A nursing student attending community college could not have much disposable income

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“Kind of want to suck it,

“Take it,” he whispered,

“Alex,” I whispered,

Did they hear me? Did they hear Alex?

My mind was racing

Then as I poured us another drink Tracey started to flirt as usual, with the drink the way she was dressed and the amount of flesh she was showing when she started to talk sex I developed one hell of a hard on and having not had chance to fuck the wife in over two weeks I really needed empty my balls, In the morning Tracey acted like nothing had happened and I was half beginning to think I had dreamed it all up when she placed a pice of paper in my hand and kissed Tina on the cheek before leaving to go home,

I was a happily married man, me and Tina got married when she got pregnant at the age of sixteen, we got a two bedroom house and would have lived happy ever after if her younger sister Tracey had not been such a prick teaser, her flirting had me hard and wanting her for a few years but nothing happened till my fifth wedding anniversary when Tina got pissed up on black Russians and me and Tracey had to take her home and put her to bed, after we had settled Tina me and Tracey sat on the sofa with a couple of brandies chatting, Tracey is a bit gothic looking with her bright pink hair slim figure with a decent pair of boobs and an arse that just begs to be bitten and spanked

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“Not usually, no, “Wait, let me smoke first

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