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It seemed like hours, but I knew it was only 15 or 20 minutes I had been sucking his big black cock .

“Now, Lois my bitch, suck my black cock like you want to,” he said, shoving his thick black meat into my mouth and down my throat,

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She now has no chance of getting out of a full on fucking, I love her because she'd deny every word of it to any other man or couple, any friend or relationship in her life, but as soon as she closes our door she'll admit it's true . She now starts pushing back at my thick shaft

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“I know Mom,” Bart interrupted, “I don't need to have this talk, and would
you leave my room please, I have to do something, Read more. The erotic event which took place Friday
night was still fulfilling Bart's need for something to think about during

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I was thrusting wildly now, feeling my cock slam into her ass hole and my fingers shoshing around in her cunt with the juices flowing all over each other, I felt between them and felt her ass hole with one finger and she shuttered at the touch, All I remmeber is hearing her suck my cock and slurp, I moved my hand between her tits feeling each nipple get hard

She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations, She desperately needed to be fucked, but she would be damned if she would let him take her ever again, She shivered, staring at his hard cock, inches from her face

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Eventually there was just too much sperm for her to swallow and some of it leaked out of her mouth and ran down her chin, God she was tight

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