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As he forces me down I see two guys sitting naked in the chairs drinking from cans of beer, the third guy fucking a crying Sherry in doggie position . Oh why couldn’t I just let them fuck me and be done with it! Then I realize that Joe is talking to me “I said if you move before I get back, Sherry going to be told about your actions and why she’s being made to pay, Understand mutie?” I nod, then thy carry Peter out between them, then Joe returns grabbing my by the arm and dragging my towards the basement
door, Joe calls out and the others comes to meet him

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I quietly reached to my discarded bra, found the falsies and put them in the French bra to fill it out, I faced the mirror, my back to Mr . More thrusting

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He could see her on the porch steps, her face a mixture of question and anticipation, Read more.

Her hands clutched the hair on the sides of his head

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I stared listlessly around the classroom, shivering as the icy breeze blew in through an open window, as my gaze roved around,
“Who do you think?” answered a slightly impatient voice, ,

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then to me he said I hope you are ready for what's coming woman
Paul dropped his trousers and the biggest dick I ever seen popped out it must have been 14 inches long and as thick as my wrist
I shouted and screaming saying that there was no way I was going to take that inside me but the farmer just laughed and replied oh yes you will
Paul stood in between my legs and I was praying that he wasn't going to try to butt fuck me and it was a bit of releif when I felt his cock at the entrance of my pussy
he started pushing and he was struggling to get inside me but slowly the head was inside me and the pain was terrible but it made no difference to him he carry on and soon had about half of his monster dick in me and he started fucking me with each push his cock was getting burried deeper into me and soon had about 3/4 in and he kept pumping , NOW !!!!!!!
John just run upstairs and within 30 second came back with the vaseline in his hand and handed it to his dad who just took a big doloop of it and smeared his cock with it
that will help miss was all he said before he push his cock in my cunt in one violent move ,

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Tom, after trying and failing to get my pants down (I had added a belt after the first three times) gave up and ended up on the couch playing a game, When I glanced up briefly, however, I saw John standing there, eyes fixated on my cock

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