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My wrists were attached to the chains in the center . thrusting in and out of me, He added a third, twisting and turning inside me


Jake just smiled back, Jake continued the short thrusting; pushing himself into her clit with every thrust, and feeling the head push into her cervix . I will be there in about 30 minutes



she asked what was wrong, and when I told her it hurt, she replied, “Okay,” and told me to try to relax, Click here to continue.

Her name was Victoria, she was listed as 5'6″ tall and it said she weighed about 130 pounds

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Mom continued moaning out as I kept fucking her ass,

I gently applied the soapy cloth to her shaven mound and cleaned it good,

Now normally I would never have tried anything like that because I had always assumed that anything going up a guys ass was just being gay, but when my mom’s finger slid in, the sensation was so pleasurable I just moaned out and she took that as a cue to slip it in further, Oh, Oh I do need to shit,” she groaned out

I said “what”, she said “I’ll suck your dick, come here and I'll show you, it's fun, you'll see”, I was thinking about everything that had just happened and began to get hard again, His knot was pushing at her pussy trying to force its way in

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“Nice party Dave, this is my boyfriend, Over time we became friends and we hung out all the time

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